ES Consulting was founded to provide marketing consulting for small to medium size companies that need an entry strategy into the air sampling market.

The capabilities of the company track closely the ones of its founder Eli Smyrloglou.  After working for a decade for Millipore Corporation, he started Omega Specialty Instrument Co. in 1982. Omega was focused on the industrial hygiene segment of air sampling, and slowly branched out to include environmental air sampling.

In the course of the next 22 years of the company’s existence, many unique sampling devices were manufactured and introduced into the market. Omega created an extensive distribution and dealer network, both in North America and internationally. Omega was sold in  November of 2003 and ES Consulting was formed.

A key strategy of Omega’s success was the creation of standards in such organizations as ISO, and ASTM. Many of the new air sampling devices that Omega introduced, needed this process, to anchor the product’s acceptability by users.  Mr. Smyrloglou is still very active in that field and is vice chairman of ASTM’s subcommittee D22.04 on Air Sampling of Workplace Environment.

He is also a member of

  • D22.03 Ambient Atmospheres and Source Emissions,
  • D22.05 Indoor Air,  D22.07 Sampling and Analysis of Asbestos
  • D22.08 Sampling and Analysis of Mold
  • Delegate to ISO TC 146/SC 2/WG 4 (Organic Vapours)
  • Volunteers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Venture Mentoring Service (VMS)


 The above experience has provided the company with an enormous amount of knowledge of the dynamics of the industrial hygiene market and international selling. The company is acquainted with many of the “key” influencers of this market.