The process of reaching commercialization has several well defined steps.

These steps have to be managed, and they are pretty straight forward.

Here is the list

  1. Verify that the device or method has indeed superior attributes than existing alternatives.
  2. Verify that potentially there is a wide user base.
  3. Is the item or methodology patent-able?
  4. Identify early adopters (approach and convince to try the new technology)
  5. As third party data is developed, the standardization of the method for using the device, needs to be documented.
  6. Once the method has attained a sufficient level of robustness, submitting it to organizations such as ASTM, and/or ISO for standardization.
  7. Once the method is inserted into the standards producing process as a work item, the standard needs to be shepherded all the way to publication.
  8. Once the product or method has achieved the status of a standard the traditional sales marketing can take over and build sales globally in the international selling market.

The number of stakeholders in this process can be overwhelming, but it is manageable when you have insight into who the stakeholders are, and you have the credibility necessary to introduce your ideas and proposals to the right individuals.

When followed, the above process, builds a good foundation for longevity and acceptance of the product in the marketplace.

The source of new devices are varied:
– Universities or academic institutions involved in industrial hygiene
– Government organizations involved in health and safety research
– Analytical labs involved in industrial hygiene sample analysis.
– Companies that have unique IH challenges such as the pharmaceutical and electronics industry.

You may be able to accomplish one or more of the 8 steps described above, on your own, but being able to execute all of them within your organization may prove to be difficult.

So if you are in possession of technology, or device that can serve the IH market, and all you are missing is the capability of bridging the gap from a good idea to a profitable idea, contact us today.

We will work with you and customize our approach to fully complement your capabilities.