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     Answer:      Confer with your technical personnel and gather all the technical support data and written methodology. Next steps are to–

      •          Prepare a draft method in ASTM format and submit the method to the appropriate ASTM subcommittee for initiating a work item.
        •          Oversee the process to the final acceptance as an ASTM standard.

      Answer :    Confer with your staff to identify which countries have the largest market for the device. The process includes:-

  •            Prioritize the list of countries.
  •            Use our/your  contacts in the specific countries to identify best channel of distribution as part of your international selling strategy.

      Answer:    Identify the specific pharmaceutical companies that fit the benefit profile best. The next steps:-

  •          Select appropriate target companies to initiate trials.
  •          Convey progress of trials to refine product and maximize the cost/benefit equation.
  •          Get initial sale.
  •           Train sales force of best way to pitch the merits of the product.